Shane Hoover's Page

My Family

My family has five members My Mother my Father my twin Sisters Emma and Rylee and Me. My Mom works At BHE as an orthodontist My Dad works at Johns Mansville as an electrician and I work at the YMCA. My pets I have five cats my mom really likes cats. We live in town in defiance and I went to Defiance High School. My sisters go to Defiance Middle School and they are in 7th grade.

My Animals

My cat Gary

This is a pic of my cat Gary

What I do in my spare time

In my spare time I play a lot of video games with friends. On the weekend I hangout with my cousins and friends. We play a lot of video games go swim in the pond go on bike rides. Its fun to mess around on 4 wheelers and play darts and shoot pool listen to some good music and just have a good time. I really only have spare time on the week ends because I do work a lot.

Why I like Mopar

More About Me

My favorit color is black. I dont like a lot of sports. My favorit game is tetris. I really like retro games. I was all ways into history and math in school. I all ways wanted to learn how to do programing.

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