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A picture of me.

In class I sit next to Shane Hoover.

My Family

My dad, Lawrence Spieth Sr., was born and raised a few miles outside of Pioneer, Ohio, on the family farm in 1948. My mother, Thelma Spieth, was born in Stryker, Ohio in 1963. My father joined the military as a medic, and inherited the farm when he returned along with a few more acres from his aging neighbor. Both of my parents married other people, had two children each, divorced those people, began working together at the same hospital as nurses, and then married and conceived me, not in that particular order.

I currently live with my parents and two of my half-brothers, both on my mother's side. On my father's side, my half sister is a travelling puppeteer and my half brother is dead.

My Pets

We've had many more animals in the past, with all of them being outside animals, but in recent times most have passed away. Raccoons got into the chicken coop a few months ago, leaving Lady as the sole survivor. Ironically, she was also the sole survivor of a raccoon raid at another farm in Spring of 2019, and given to us so she wouldn't be alone. The cats have all passed or run away one by one over the years.


Some of my favorite music, ranked in descending order.

Weekly News

Capcom is releasing a new Mortal Kombat game for arcades. Look up Project MKUltra to find out more.

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