About Spaz

My name is Kayden Joseph Spath and am 16. My birthday is November seventh.

I an generally a great person.


To start off, I'll be talking about my hobbies. I like to run a lot. I am pretty fast and that led me to want to join track. I'm planning on joining this year at my home school. I need to build my stamina so I thought track would be the best way to do that. Another hobby of mine would be jiu jitsu. I'm fast and slim which makes me semi good at the sport. I need to gain muscle to become even better, but it is what it is. I like MMA because pain usually isn't an issue because I dont feel much of it. I also work at Walmart as a part time associate in cap-2. Cap-2 is where all the stocking of merchandise happens. we have to take items off the semi-trucks. When we are not unloading the truck. you would find us stocking the floor/shelves around the store. The last thing I like to do is hang with friends. I'd rather be with a friend than anything. If given the chance I would always choose to do so if I have nothing else to do

favorite hobbies

  1. fighting sports
    1. Kick Boxing
    2. Jiu Jitsu
  2. running
  3. playing games
  4. Hanging with friends


Second I'll talk about my family. My siblings are the ones I care for due to the background with everyone else. The oldest sibling I have that I get to see is Jocy. She is 13 and really smart. I always try and teach her the stuff I know. Second oldest is Brooklynn. She is only 10 and obnoxious but I still love her the same. Then there is Isabella. She is 7 and kinda my favorite. She is also very kind and smart for her age. Last there is Walker, he is like the literal devil. None of my siblings live with me. They live with there mothers in Indiana. I only get to see them every other week.


Last we will talk about me and the places I've been. In other words I move around a-lot. I was first born in Fort Wayne Indiana. When I was 2 im pretty sure I moved in with my father in Logensport Indiana. next place I remember would be were I was raised most my life. it was a town called Monticello Indiana. Then around 7th grade I moved to Ohio with my Aunt. I lived in Defiance for a few years then moved to a town near BG called jerry city. and now im here in Napoleon. So far living in Napoleon has been great. made some great friends , even got a job. now im at FourCounty in the software development and am loving life. Though I miss all my old friends and will never forget them. I have made new ones and hope everything keeps going as well as it has been so far.

little more about me

Now to learn some random things about me. i like hip hop/rap as my favorite music genre. people like lil peep, xxx , and Post Malone are some people you might catch me listening to. My favorite animals would be a giraffe and a cheetah. Then my recommended genre of movies or tv shows would be horror,action, maybe mixed with some romance. shows like The walking dead, and End of the f***ing world. then movies like Spiderman, IT, and Paper Towns. And for me to like you, you have to like my hair, NO CAP.

a nice picture of me

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