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My hobbies

My hobbies are mostly video games, work, and Friends The things I do the most of are Youtube and play video games my favorite video games are Mortal kombat ,Call of Duty, Dead by daylight, Watch dogs, Overwatch, and the last but not the least is Assassins creed. I play most of my video games with my friends. I think I have made many new friends through out my years but I have also lost many friends. At work I work in a shell subway I make sandwiches and other I have had to work up front at the shell portion of my job and I think it's not bad. I like playing many games with my friends and because they always make funny jokes and we love to see who rages first at the game that we are playing which is my friend John he always gets mad first and he is the funnest mad. This is also my labs Website Software Development. I'm trying to pre-order watch dogs legion for my birthday here is the one i'm looking at Watch Dogs Legion my birthday is the 17th of October so i'm going to see if I can get help of if my parents can help get it for me i've figured out all the prices on shipping and taxes on the game.

The list of my favorite video games

My family and my plans after school

My family is kind of difunctional but we make it work I love my family but sometimes they make me mad as all families do but we usually forget and just stop being mad at each other. I have been to New York / New Jersey with my family it was a fun I enjoyed it a lot it was something new and different we all had fun and I went to the beach for once in my life. My plans for after school are go to northwest and finish getting my 2 year degree. I want to go for game design so I can code and make my own games I have so many idea's for new games that my friends helped me come up with. They are artists so they said they'd do the art for the games and help code if they want to help me out with all the coding.

My Pets

Over the course of my life my family had many different types of pets we had a lot of dogs. We got a black lab when I was born I had a strong bond with him his name was midnight he died sadly on new year's of old age I came home because I knew something was wrong with him so I wanted to see him in his final moments. During that we also had 2 other dogs a mutt that my older sis loved and a full blooded american bulldog which my mom loved we had them for a long time but sadly they all have passed and we have 2 new dogs which we got from my aunt. During our trip in New York we got 2 ginny pigs named bug z and eclipse they where given to us by my moms friend while we were staying there.

This is me.
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