My Name is... Isaac Funes

This is my family

My Family

I wouldn't describe my family as dysfunctional, but they are a bit of a wild card to deal with. My family name is a unique one, originating from "El Salvador", but it makes me unique and helps differ me from a crowd. "Funes" is pronounced (FOO-NEZ), not (FOONZ) or (FUNNYS) it's (FOO- NEZ). My father, David was born in California and he moved down to Ohio where he eventually met my mother Kristy. Thus I was born on April 1, 2002. My parents got divorced in 2005, and my father took me to go live with him in Texas. In Texas, I met more of family I have never met before such as grandparents and my many cousins. In 2017, I flew back to Ohio and rekindled with my brother Austin and my older brother CJ. My Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carly are the ones who got me back on my feet after a fire I experienced and are the ones who got me to Ohio, so they will be forever in my debt. I couldn't have been happier to have met my family who are all around and once a year we have our reunions that hold a place in my heart.

Favorite Books to Read

My Work Life

So when I'm not at school or writing and making art, my job takes up most of my time. I am a Front Counter Coordinator at "Burger King" in Bryan, OH. I handle everything customer related. Whether it being telling employees where they need to go for a shift via (drive-thru or front counter). Or it also can be dealing with customers with complaints, problems or miss-made sandwiches. I have been there a year now, and things are looking up. While it's not a easy feat most of the time, the bond I created with my staff and mangers makes them feel like a second family to me. My flexible schedule is a breath of fresh air and allows me to do all the things I want to in a day with out getting constantly bombarded at work. All and all I'm happy with my position and what I'm doing and I hope to my further my carrer by becoming a computer programming and get my Master's degree IN Computer Science.

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