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this is a pictue of me

Gabriel's self intro

Hello my name is Gabriel Perry I am from McClure Ohio I was born in Saint lukes's hospital on April 6th in 2003. I lived in Bowling Green for one year I moved to McClure when I was two. I have been playing Football since i was in 6th grade. My brother taught me a-lot in my life so I listened to him. I always tried my best to complete things. I have a lot of friends and people I care about and I am glad to have them.

My School and Hobbies

My homeschool is Napoleon Area Schools I played Esports for a year, I have played Football since I was in 6th Grade. My Hobbies are to play Video games Like ©Skyrim,©Fallout,©Call of duty, ©Fortnite, ©Roblox, I love to hangout with friends especially my girlfriend, I like to work out and hangout with my family. I have always wanted to make a game that people would love to play one day. I love to Draw that is one of my favorite things because I think its cool to have something like that on a piece of paper instead of words.

My Family and Pets

My Brother is Oscar Gonzalez he used to be a football player for Napoleon Wildcats football team his number was 77. My Mom is Maribel Gonzalez-Perry she had it hard in life raising my brother by herself but she is the best mom ever because she overcame tasks and did the best she could. My Dad is Frankie Perry he used to work for Wonder bread but then lost his job due to the company messing up, but he got a job at John man ville and now is working and living his life to the fullest. I have one dog, one cat, and two fish. My Dog's name is Gizmo, My cat's name is Tiger. We are all what messed up family but I love them a-lot so it doesn't matter if they are wack or not.

What I think

I am a very social person and I enjoy talking to people. Sometimes I like to zone out and wonder what would happen later on in my life. Games make me feel accomplished about myself. I am very competitive when it comes to some things. Later in my life I hope to be happy and have my dream job and just Relax instead of all this negative stress that causes me pains. Some people may think that im a strong mean person but in reality im just a big stuffed bear.

Social things

  1. Youtube profile-Swatforce77:
YouTube channel Link.
  1. Napoleon Football schedule:
Napoleon Football Schedule link.
  1. Fortnite- user:XKillerdragon131
Fortnite epicgames link.
  1. Discord server:
Discord server chillzone link.
  1. Facebook account:
Facebook link

It academy friends links

  1. Mile's
Web site link.
  1. Logan's
Web site link.
  1. Fish stix's
Web site link.

My snap Code

this is my snapcode for snapchat

The list of my favorite animals/pets

  1. dog
  2. Wolf
  3. Falcon

My favorite video games

  1. Call of duty
  2. Fortnite
  3. Fallout 4
  4. Skyrim

list of things I want to do

  1. Go on a trip with my girl
  2. Skydive
  3. Get a good paying job
  4. lead my team to victory against Defiance

Contact information / Gaming accounts

  1. Email:
  2. Playstaion acc: XKillerdragon131
  3. Roblox Account: Killerdragon131
  4. Twitter Account: @perryxx_a
  5. Instagram Account: gabriel.a.perry5915

Artist that I like to listen to

  1. Juice Wrld: YouTube Link
  2. XXXTentacion: Youtube Link
  3. Ski Mask Slump God: Youtube Link
  4. Drake Youtube Link
  5. Lil Skies Youtube Link
  6. Lil Uzi Vert Youtube Link
  7. Lil Teca Youtube Link
  8. Lil Xan Youtube Link
  9. Calboy Youtube Link
  10. J. Cole Youtube Link
  11. Kodak Black Youtube Link
  12. Boogie Wit da Hoodie Youtube Link
  13. YNW Melly Youtube Link
  14. Future Youtube Link
  15. Lil Baby Youtube Link

What I want to do after I graduate

  1. I want get a good paying job to support me and my family.
  2. I want to have fun but also be responsible
  3. I want to have a fam or somebody I can be with

Picture's of me and others

this is a picture of me and my friends this is a pictue of me in a
		 suite this is a picture of me and my nise chilling out This is a picture of the Napoleon Jv Football team after the game at Anthony Wayne Me and my cousin Angelo holding the rock that we took back from Defiance Me and my friend Justin Cole sitting in lunch chilling
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