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My name is Christian Campos I am 15 years old, I was born in Tiffin Ohio. I grew up in a town called Wauseon Ohio, I lived in Wauseon for about 3 years with my family. I have 3 siblings, Alonso, Alex, and Lizett. They are all amazing people, its really nice to work with them, but sometimes it can get a little hard to work with them witch stuff like that happens sometimes but they are nice people. Me and my brother Alex mostly like to do. We play video games together, play soccer together, basically we do most of my hobbies together.


I like to do a lot of things. I love playing video games, Playing sports, going for bike rides. I enjoy playing video games because its a fun experience with your friends or meet new people. But sometimes it can be dangerous so you have to becarefull who you talk too. Most of the time it's is really fun. I also enjoy playing sports, but mostly soccer. Soccer is really fun to play too, because you can have a lot of fun and exercise at the same time but not just physical also mentally. Soccer can exercise your whole body, legs, arms, btu also your brains its helps you think of what you are going to do ahead of time or come up with a plan for your whole team. thats why i enjoy playing soccer. The bike rides are just to relax and just have a fun calm time. Bike rides to are just to calm my mind down and just forget about all the problems and focus on what we are doing during the bike ride and just forget about everything else.

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