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All About Me

I am a sixteen year old kid from Archbold, Ohio. I was born in Jackson, MI on January 15th, 2003 at 6:19 pm, on a Wednesday night. I currently live with my mom in Archbold, OH, but every other weekend, I go up to my dads house in Jasper, MI. On the way up to my dads house, I always stop at my grandparents to see how they are doing. This usually involves me telling them stories of what has happened these past few weeks while I raid their fridge. Two of my favorite things to collect are hats and shoes.

This is what I look like.

This is a picture of me, when I went to Bay Mills, MI, in the winter of 2019!

Some Of My Favorite Shoes

My Family Life

I have a very large, but loving family. My parents split up before I was born, but with having a step father now, I feel as if it has only brought me closer to much more amazing people.

My mom is Stacy Lichtenwald, married to my step-dad Eric Lichtenwald. They have been married for just over fifteen years, and have had two kids together, Brea and Trinity. They are a set of fifteen year old twins, and are going to Archbold High School. My mom also has one other child, who happens to be my older sister Audrey. She is twenty years old and works at a hair salon in Napoleon. We might not always get along, but we love each other dearly, and are each others best friends. Along with three sisters, we also have a Toy Poodle named Ruby Sue

My dad, Alex Miles is currently with my step-mom Melissa. Although they do not have any kids of their own, Melissa has two children, my step-brothers, Jason and Trevor. Jason is twenty-two years old and works at a community complex with Melissa. While Trevor is only thirteen, he does not have a job, but he goes to Sand Creek Middle School. Every child in this house has their own dog. I have a blonde lab named Dallas, Trevor has a German Short Hair named Gunner, and Jason has a Rottweiler named Bennet. We might not all be blood related, but that does not mean that we aren't a family.

Here are some of my hobbies!

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