About Me

Where I came from

I was born in Deleware, OH on 03/28/2002. I lived in the suburb of Columbus, OH for my first three years of my life. When I was about four years old, my family and I moved to Liberty Center, OH in the country side. We lived in a smaller farm house while our house was being built next door. I live right next to my grandparents, and my great grandma lives on the other side of my house. There is also a barn in between my home and my grandparent's home.

About my family

I have two sisters, Paiton (18 years old) and Maggie (13 years old). My father is a pipe salesman and welder for JJSupply in Toledo, OH. My mother is a care provider for BitterSweet Farms in Whitehouse, OH. My grandfather is a Vietnam War Veteran and he worked at BG University. My grandmother was a secretary for BG University. I also have five cousins from both sides of the family.

Why I Came to Four County

I came to Four County because I wanted to get knowledge for a carrer early in highschool. I chose Software Development/ Game Design, because it appealed to me and I wanted to try something that will be used in society for a long time. Four County will also give me a headstart for college and get me prepared for the workforce. So far I am really enjoying it, the teachers are great, the students are nice, and for once I'm actually looking forward to school.

My Future Plans

I want to complete college and get my Doctorate degree in a field that involves programming. I want to get a job with google, apple, or with the government. I'm going to build my own house preferably in the suburbs of a city, get super fast wifi, and work very hard to get the best life that I can.