All About Me

I am a junior at Four County Career Center. I am in Software Development and Game Design. If I would have to describe myself I would say I am kinda boring. On the other hand there are some things that you could say are cool. I like to paint a-lot and I'm kinda okay at it. I also am currently reading the Harry Potter series. I love to travel it could be hours away or even minutes I just enjoy spending time in my car. I play softball and am an outfielder. I work at the small pizza place in Antwerp, Ohio. Pizza Shop I have a Australian German shepherd named Oliver.

One of my paintings

Favorite Foods

  1. Pasta Salad
  2. Angel Food Cake
  3. Taco Dip

Favorite Things to do

  1. Play softball
  2. Paint
  3. Program
Me and Karlie

After I graduate I plan on getting my associates degree from Northwest and then transferring to a larger college to get my bachelors degree in Computer Science. I would like to minor in sociology. My end goal is to live somewhere warmer and continuing to work in computer programming although, I'm not exactly sure what specific field I would like to work in.