About me

Favorite passtimes

One of my favorite passtimes is playing video games with a group of my friends that i have known since childhood or have met through school. Some of our favorite games to play together are Fortnite and Rainbow Six Seige. My favorite tv shows to watch are Preacher and The Flash and my favorite movie series is Star Wars. I enjoy travelling a lot and have recently went to Tennessee and hiked in places like Clingmans Dome and the other hiking trails there. I plan to get a decent paying job and travel to places with friends to go hiking and explore. I enjoy a wide variety of music but my favorite artist is Frank Sinatra and my favorite song by him is "Strangers in the night".

Dream Goals and future

My all time dream goal is to live in a big city like Los Angeles with an IT job that i can enjoy. I love big cities because they provide many opportunities and things to do. Another dream of mine has been to travel and see the Northern Lights because it has always had my interest. A third big goal of mine would be to build my own gaming pc. My last big goal is to raise a family and enjoy the rest of my life as much as i can.

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