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A basic overview of my life.

My name is Ethan Thompson. I am 17 years old. I live in Defiance Ohio where I attent the Computer Programming and Game Design lab at Four County Career Center. My homeschool is Fairview Highschool where I play sports such as Basketball, Football, and Track. I have 1 sibling named Caden and 2 half-siblings named Esther and Oliver. My future life goals are to pursue a career path in the Software Development Field. Before that though, I plan to attend a 4 year college to get my degree. Growing up I lived in a couple different states such as Washington State, North Caroline, and now Ohio. Some of my hobbies include programming, playing video games, working on my computer, and sleeping. I am a firm believer in Christianity and strive to improve my relationship with God every day.


Some of my favorite things.

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Four County

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All Terrians

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Working On Computers

Mostly My Own

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Video Games

Mostly PC Games

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Watching Netflix

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Influential People

Most influential people in my life.

Dan Miller

Dan Miller


Kaitlyn Mallett

Kaitlyn Mallett


Matt Geiger

Matt Geiger


These people and many more have made a major impact on the person I am today.

My Video

Its best not to ask questions.

CCP Table

College Classes Available at Northwest State.

CCP Courses
Computer Programming and Game Design
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
CIS109 Database Programming 4
CIS161 C# 4
CIS165 Java Programming 4
CIS107 Python Programming 3
CIS108 Internet Scripting 4
CIS191 Computer Operations 3
Computer Networking and Administration
CIS191 Computer Operations 3
CIS195 Network Essentials 3
CIS193 Microsoft Server Technology 3
CIS107 Python Programming 3
CIS194 IT Security Fundamentals 3
CIS114 Microsoft Applications 3
ENG111 Composition I 3
CCP Composition II 3
CCP Math Elective 3-6
Total: 49-52

Pizza Order Table

Practice form for ordering pizza.