Me and my family

I amOwen Terry, a aspergic 18 year old, atheist, anti-theist, anti-faith and a rationalist, humanist, skeptic. I am a senior at Four County Career Center, working Mr. Giger's afternoon lab. I had a rough time adjusting, but now I enjoy a comfortable existence here. I am too a insomniac, creative, anthro lover and fan of animation.

My mom is Kimberly Terry. She is a 40 year old fat, loving mother, but can be rather scary sometimes. She is also a new ageist, believing in Depok Chopra and crystals. She used to be a nurse, but left due to personal reasons. She is rather intelligent. She's a Generic Theist.

My dad is Mark Terry, a 40 year old funnyman with a dark side. He's quite serious most of the time and used to work as a manger for the Circle K in the local Liberty Center area. He looks like me, but much older. He's an agnostic atheist.

My brother is Jacob Terry, a 21 year old lazy and self-loathing alcoholic. We used to fight a-lot when we were young, but now that has subsided. He is a theist.