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Over the past two years we have had some different pets. Right now we have an hamster and one cat and four kittens.The name for the hamster is Mr.teddy because he is a teddybear hamster. We got him a couple of weeks before school started and he loves to run on his wheel that we bought him. The cat we have it's name is double o seven my brother gave it that name because it's get's out of the house some how. The mother cat had four kittens about four weeks ago and they don't have names yet. The four kittens go any where in the house they feel like going.

Place that I've been to

I've been to Washington D.C on a fifth grade trip. We stayed there for four days. It was fun to see the White House and all the museums out there. I been to Columbus to go to a Starset concert that was the first time I was in Columbus. I've stayed at my uncles house in Michigan. We played video games and watch movies the whole time. I went to Indiana to see Hailstorm play in the ninth grade with my dad and brother and step mom. I want to cedar point for a class field trip it was fun we stayed the whole day and got to ride the rides there.


Some of the bands the I like to lisen to are all rock bands. Starset is the only one that I have seen in concert but I would like to see them all in concert one day. The last concert that I have gone to was to see Hailstorm. I'm going to fort wane for a I Prevail concert after thanksgiving they are one of my favorite bands that have not seen in concert. I was able to see Godsmack, Shinedown and Like a storm at the Huntington center September 29. The concert was one of the best I have been to in all my life. I'm hoping that I will go see Nothing More in concert some time before I go to college.

  1. Escape the Fate
  2. I prevail
  3. Shinedown
  4. Asking Alexander
  5. Godsmack
  6. Miss may I


Favorite movies

I have a lot of favorite movies some of the movies are John Wick 1 and 2. I like all the Star War movies and all of the Lord Of The Rings movies even know they are long movies. I like the movie Happy Gilmore and also Billy Madison. The reason I like the John wick movies is because of all the action in it. My favorite movies series is The Lord Of The Rings and the Hobbit. In the Hobbit my favorite charter is Bilbo and Gandalf. I wish they had made more movies in the Lord Of The Rings world. The movie that I like the most is called Titan A.E it was released in 2000, the movie takes place in space after the earth was destroyed by aliens.

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