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My Dog

This is my dog named Coco. He's a black lab mixed with english pointer.

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Hi, I'm McKenzie Reasor and I am 17 years old. I'm currently a senior in the Software Development Program at Four County Career Center.

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My Family

I have three sisters and we all live with my mom. I am the oldest sister and then there's Bre, Kendra, and Vanessa.

My Trip to Myrtle Beach

Over the summer, my mom took us all on a vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. It was about a 14 hour drive, but it was definitely worth it. Our hotel was very close to the ocean.

Myrtle Beach

My Job

I am currently employed at Marco's Pizza in Bryan, Ohio. I recently got a promotion to an Assistant Manager. I really like working there and I enjoy being in a manager position.