Jonathan McCoy

I am a Senior at Four County Career center, where I am taking classes on Software Development. A resident of Ney, Ohio, and a former student of Fairview high school. An avid fan of football and video games. I plan to attend Trine University once I graduate, and have already started several college classes through Northwest State. While many of my interests align with my projected career path I also enjoy reading and biking

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Video games

I enjoy playing games from many genres and developers. Some of my favorite games include Xenoblade Chronicles, Halo Wars 2, Hollow Knight, Celeste, and Rainbow Six Siege, just to name a few. The Nintendo Switch is easily my favorite console of this generation, and possibly all-time.

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This is my second year attending Four County. I came to this school so that I could learn about programming, as my home school didn't provide any programming courses. I also take multiple college classes through Northwest State University. Some of the classes are through my programming lab, but I also take Composition classes online.

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I participate in several sports through Fairview, and I'm a huge fan of College Football. At Fairview I play on the varsity football team and hope to earn my 4th Varsity Letter in wrestling this winter. Sports has been a large part of my life since I was young, and I have been successfully indoctrinated into the Ohio State Buckeyes fanbase. Go Bucks!