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Favorite video games (In Order)

  1. Hearts Of Iron IV.
  2. Europa Universalis 4
  3. Rust
  4. Borderlands 2
  5. Insurgency
  6. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

How video games shaped me

Video games have always been my hobby, ever since I was young I would go home after school and play games. everybody has their hobbies and that was mine, going home after school and just getting immersed into some world for that day. My favorite kind of games has shifted a lot over the years I've been playing. My favorite kind of games has shifted now into games that involve strategy and planning, as well as the games they tell deep and interesting stories that rival if not surpass very popular books. People always say that games can't help people beyond pure entertainment and while that's true for some games, it's not true for all. I've learned a lot about history and geography from some of my favorite games, and when you're playing a competitive game their is a lot of strategizing and thinking in tough situations.


Here's a little bit about me, I was born In January 2001 here in northwest Ohio. For my entire life I've lived in the same town Liberty Center, and for 10 years I went to Liberty Center high school. but my Junior year I decided to come here to Four County Career Center to learn a trade, and that trade was programming. I've had a lot of fun here these 2 years and I have learned a lot. I hope to take the programming knowledge I learned here and go to college for something in the Computer Science field. Or something with AI since I always have had an interest in such things.


When I first came to Four County I thought it would be tough getting all new friends, while still staying friends with my LC friends. The only people I knew coming out here was other LC kids. but after being here for a year I'm glad I came as I would never be friends with a lot of the people I'm friends with now. I have some good friends and memories at LC, but overall I'm glad I came to Four County as I was very close to deciding not to come.


A bit about my family is that we've lived in Liberty Center all my life, and I live with my mom and dad. I only have a single brother and no other siblings. My brother's name is Bryce and he's 15 currently, as for anything like pets we've has quite a few over the years. Currently though I only have a dog, It is a Yorkie-Terrier mix and we've had it for about 8 years. That's all I have for my immediate family, I have grandparents and cousins as-well but I don't get to see any of them much besides on holidays.

Software Development

I've learned a lot this past year from Software Development, from Database and Java to C# and Python I have done more than I honestly expected. I even managed last year to go to state for Database, and that was a very cool thing to experience. I hope that someday I can get a carrer in this field, and actually use the skills and things I'm learning these past 2 years. I want to go to college and continue learning computer science and hopefully game programming. I think that the type of job that I would enjoy the most would be a job in a gaming field, because I would be able to entertain people and tell compelling stories.

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