Who am I

I am Colin Barlow and I am in the Software development lab.I am seventeen years old and was born on May 8, 2000. My home school is Edgerton. When I was younger (around 5 years old) I use to live my mom Angela. Right now I am living with my father Chuck(for at least ten years).


  1. Born In Bryan, OH
    • went to bryan schools for first two years
  2. Lived in Florida
  3. Lived in Edgerton, OH
    • went to Edgerton schools for nine years
  4. Now live in Melbern, OH

favorite games(video games and board games)
  • Chess
  • Kingdom hearts
  • Overwatch

Future plans

After once I graduate from Four County I plan to attend North West State.

Name Class ID Credit Hours
Database CIS108 4
C# programming CIS161 4
Java Programming CIS165 4

picture of colin barlow

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